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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! Wish you all a very merry holiday season and a happy new year with your family and friends. Also, wish you all got great Boxing Day deals! Today is one of the busiest shopping days of the year and the malls are all so packed with shoppers. Aside from parties and shopping though, the holiday season is also a good time to teach children about the importance of charity and giving to those in need.

There is nothing wrong with consumerism (we bought an Instant Pot and a set of cookware ourselves), but we need to also place giving to charity on top of our priority list. Teaching children to be compassionate is important, especially during the holiday season. A solid foundation in money management includes setting aside funds for donating and giving. This Forbes article illustrates several creative ways to teach children about charity, including the following:

  • Donate money - donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, for example

  • Donate toys - donate toys to a local hospital

  • Throw a holiday giving party - throw a party where each participant brings canned goods to donate

  • Do nice things in the neighbourhood - bake cookies for elderly neighbours.

  • Visit a nursing home - read, sing and talk to the residents

  • Support a local family - provide gifts, hot food or Christmas decorations to a family in need

  • Build a house - volunteer to build a house with an organization like Habitat for Humanity

  • Start a class project - set up a food drive

As you can see, there are many ways to teach children about charity. Money management is not just about saving and investing, it's also about sharing with a giving attitude and a compassionate mentality! It really does feel more meaningful to give than to receive. Happy New Year everyone!

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