• Stanley Yuen

Meditate...and become financially healthy!

Yesterday we went to the Yoga and Wellness Show at Exhibition Place in Toronto. The show featured numerous vendors who promoted different aspects of the yoga lifestyle, including: nutrition, meditation, accessories and jewelry, clothing and much more. There were food samplings, health consultations, motivational speakers and of course, yoga classes. We definitely felt the positive energy and health vibes at this event.

Imagine meditating and contemplating your mental, emotional and spiritual health. If a sense of peacefulness and self-awareness can be achieved through meditation, imagine the calmness that you would feel once you have reached a state where you do not need to worry about money. Imagine how peaceful it would be to be financially healthy, and how even more meaningful it would be to pass that feeling on to our children.

Think about how rewarding you would feel if your child is able to distinguish between want and need. Think about how amazing you would feel if your child understands the concept of budgeting. Think about how incredible you would feel if your child has the ability to manage money responsibly.

So next time you meditate and focus your mind, imagine how great it would be if your child is financially literate and is responsible when it comes to managing money!

Now, let me breathe and try to do the downward dog without cracking my back...

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