• Stanley Yuen

Learning About Money

What if?

What if you had received formal financial education in school?

What if you had started learning about money at a young age?

What if you had found resources to give you a solid foundation about finance?

Then what?

Then you would not need to worry about mounting credit card debt!

Then you would not need to worry about having a low credit score!

Then you would not need to worry about unnecessary interest payments!

Formal financial education and discussions about money are important! Check out the following two links. The first one is about a program that provides resources for parents and teachers to talk to children about money. The second one is about when and how to start the conversation with your kids about money.

1. Canadian Foundation for Economic Education: Talk with our kids about money. 2. An ideal time to start talking to your kids about money is when they are in

daycare or preschool.

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